First litter

Yes! 7 lovely puppy’s have arrived, here are they, we’ll try and post some regular updates:

All puppy’s have found a lovely place to move to when they are allowed to leave our home.

Information about the combination of mom and dad:

The ECVO gave an all clear on both Jari and Jikke on February 1st.

The puppies will be raised in our home, where we will do our best to give them a good start in life! They will get a European Pet passport and offcourse a FCI pedigree (from the Dutch Kennel Club Raad van Beheer).

Here are the pedigrees of the parents to be:
Pedigree Jari & Pedigree Jikke

A link to Jari’s official ECVO researches: Jari Health Dutch Kennel Club
A link to Jikke’s official ECVO and HD/ED researches: Jikke Health Dutch Kennel Club
Both are tested free on PRA.

Both Jikke and Jari have shown capacity to herd sheep, work in agility and obedience.

If you are interested in a puppy of this litter, please contact us by email: